Railway Transport

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Division: Osaka Campus
Division: Environmental Security and Energy Efficiency in Transport (SIC EiET) Research Division, Estimation of Rolling Stock Units Research Division, Railway Transport Research Division
Division: Transportation School
Division: Transport Sciences Faculty
Division: Rail Way Vehicle Engineering Department/Division, Railroad Civil Engineering Department/Division, Railroad Drive and Control Department/Division, Railroad Management Information Department/Division
Division: Transport Department/Division
Division: Power Drafting and Mobile Transportation Facilities Institute
Division: Railway and Transportation Research Division
Division: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute
Division: Railway Engineering School
Division: Transport Management and Information Technology Faculty
Division: Global Business College
Division: Transport Engineering Faculty
Division: Rail Operation and Information Technologies Institute, Railtrack Construction and Structures Institute
Division: Thermal Energy Faculty
Division: Railroad Infrastructure Research Division
Division: Electromechanical Engineering Faculty, Transport Management Faculty
Division: Daugavpils Campus, Transport and Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Division: Railway Construction Faculty
Division: Transportation School
Division: Railway Engineering Course/Programme
Division: Transport Faculty
Division: Engineering and Transport Faculty
Division: Maritime Studies and Transport Faculty
Division: Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications Faculty, Transport Research Division
Division: Economics Faculty, Electrotechnics Faculty, Postgraduate Studies Department/Division, Transport Power Supply Faculty, Transport Processes Faculty
Division: Transport Engineering Faculty
Division: Transport Faculty
Division: Railroad Transportation College
Division: Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Management and Business Studies Institute

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