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Division: Arts, Psychology and Theology Faculty
Division: Public Administration, Law and Business Institute
Division: Modern Languages and Literature Faculty
Division: Foreign Languages Centre
Division: Arts and Letters Faculty
Division: Languages and Arts Faculty
Division: Foreign Language Education Department/Division
Division: Al-Alsun Faculty
Division: Philology, Literature, and World Languages Faculty
Division: Foreign Languages and Physical Education Centre
Division: Persian Literature and Foreign Languages Faculty
Division: Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty
Division: Arts and Sciences College
Division: Languages Course/Programme
Division: Russian Department/Division
Division: Philology Faculty
Division: Philology and Intercultural Communication Faculty
Division: Foreign Languages School
Division: Foreign Studies School
Division: Foreign Studies School
Division: Humanities College
Division: Liberal Arts and Sciences College
Division: Agronomy Faculty
Division: Armenian and Russian Languages Chair
Division: Foreign Languages Unit
Division: Language and Literature Department/Division
Division: Arts and Humanities College
Division: International Relations and Regional studies Faculty, Pedagogy Faculty, Philology Faculty
Division: Business Management and Administration Course/Programme, European Studies Course/Programme, Foreign Language Learning Centre, Public Relations Course/Programme, Regional Economics and Economic Policy Course/Programme, Translation and Interpretation Course/Programme
Division: Interdivisional Concentrations and Programmes Course/Programme
Division: Arts Faculty
Division: Philology and Journalism Faculty
Division: Arts and Sciences Course/Programme
Division: Russian School
Division: Russian Department/Division
Division: Foreign Languages and Literatures School
Division: Belarus and Russian Philology Faculty
Division: Philology Faculty, Pre-University Education Faculty
Division: Pre-University Preparation Faculty
Division: Physical Education and Tourism Faculty
Division: Master Training and Guidance Faculty
Division: Automotive Engineering Faculty
Division: Pre-Courses Studies Course/Programme
Division: Foreign Languages School
Division: Russian Studies Centre
Division: Continuing and Distance Learning Institute, Kyrgyz Philology Faculty

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